Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Labor Process...Hooray.

Basically, my labor SUCKED. It was nice in the fact that I was in labor for like 3 days and didn't know it. I found out I was 5 cm. dialated at an OBGYN appointment 3 weeks before his due date. They rushed me to the hospital, only to walk around for 2 hours and stay 5 cm. So, I went home. I didn't sleep much because I was so excited. I woke up at 4 AM, packed a few more things into my hospital bag, cleaned the car out, installed the carseat, took a shower, put a cute little dress on, did my hair, did my was my birthday, so I was going to attempt to look good. And if by chance, this kid was going to come out today, I didn't want him to meet me and think, "This hideous lady is my mother?!" The next day, I insisted Anthony take me to breakfast. We went to Denny's (woo hoo), and then went to the hospital to see if I had dialated any further. I was 8 cm. at this point but wasn't in any sort of pain, so I hoped they wouldn't send me home again. They broke my water and figured he'd be out in 2 hours. Nope, I was in back labor, meaning he was "sunny side up" instead of face down. So, his little head, which felt like a watermelon was pressed against my spine. No epidural for me. We got there around 11 AM and I didn't push Landon out until 9:59 PM. Quick fact, I started pushing at 4 PM, so that is SIX HOURS OF PUSHING. My eyes were swollen for days. I thought they'd pop out of my head. Finally, he came out and wasn't breathing like they wanted him to. I was so out of it from all that demerol I don't even remember holding him for the first time. Isn't that horrible!? Thank goodness for video cameras. Sadly, reality hit a few hours later and I had to go see my little guy in the NICU. He was breathing funny, had an infection, and then got Jaundice. He was in NICU for 5 days and that was torture for me, but I love, love, loved his nurses and took advantage of all their infant knowledge and expertise as I sat right next to his crib day after day. So, by the time I took him home, I felt ready to care for him by myself.

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Luisa said...

why did you leave out the hard candy part? hahaha:) that was hilarious! i love the hiccups was so cute. wow landon like totally ballooned in size..he used to be so much wittler. lol.