Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Landon's Baby Blessing

On August 3rd Landon was blessed. I was so excited. Anthony was a little nervous because he was performing the blessing, but, ofcourse, he played it cool. I am so grateful we were able to have so many of our family members make it. Landon's nap time is around 11:30, so he's always cranky during Sacrament meeting which starts at 11. I was way nervous because most of the time he's crying and I have to listen to the meeting from the mother's lounge. During his baby blessing he screamed and screamed and screamed. I was like, Ooooh no. Anthony gave a beautiful blessing though and thankfully with the help of a microphone the congregation was able to hear it. He made it short and sweet considering the circumstances, but he hit on the most important aspects.

For the remainder of the day, I thought about my son and the kind of person I hope and pray he grows up to be. I want him to be charitable, slow to anger, to respect his parents, his associates, to respect his wife and treat her as a daughter of God. I want him to serve a mission and to be married in the temple. I want him to take his education seriously, but to have balance in all things. I want him to be a good example to those around him; to be a friend to those in need. I want him to be a follower of Christ. Speaking of Christ, in Relief Society yesterday, we watched a conference of Sheri Dew. She spoke about charity. The way you can tell if a person is truly a follower of Christ is how they treat others. Plead on your knees for charity; to do what the Savior would do. Pray for your character to become like the Savior. Then you will feel as He does and act as He does. It is natural for females to feel charity. Satan tries to take charity away from women by seducing them with addictions, with selfishness, vanity, with the three C's; competing, comparing, and catagorizing. Why do we do this? We are supposed to be different from one another. We all have unique gifts and talents. Satan also tries more subtle tactics. He tries to make us feel like we're not good enough, but we are his greatest nightmare because we have so much power for good.

So, I started out blogging about Landon's blessing and got off on a whole different tangent, but more than anything, I want my son to be a follower of Christ and to treat others with love and charity. As I ponder these things I want him to be, I realize the importance of my role and that is that I need to be these things. I need to make sure that I am charitable and am basing my decisions after what I think the Savior would do. Definitely something to think about.

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Luisa said...

kali, you are an awesome mommy and landon is lucky to have you! i was touched by your hopes, dreams and desires for landon...they are the very same hopes i have for any future children of mine. i totally agree that we have such a huge responsibility in shaping our children's future...but i know all we can do is set a good example; continue to follow God's commandments and be Christ-like; offer unconditional love and support to them; and have faith that our kids will follow the right path. i hope i can be an awesome mom like you! love u! :)