Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome to the Real Challenges of Motherhood

The last few days Anthony has been sick. I love him with all my soul, but he's a drama queen, so when he's "sick", I sometimes don't take him seriously. So, as he whined on the couch in front of the tv since Wednesday afternoon, I kissed him sporadically, and let him kiss our beloved Bubba. Big Mistake. My "drama queen" actually was sick. How do I know this? Because my Bubba and I are now sick. I have been dreading this moment since the thought occured to me during my pregnancy. I felt so sick and could hardly handle the smallest task. I thought how do moms keep it together when their sick? For so long, I thought of moms as these untouchable super heroes who could do anything. Growing up my mom was pretty much amazing. But here I am, not feeling well myself and I must take care of my baby; not just any sick baby. I feel so horrible. I was up all night. Landon was up most of the night. He finally took a nap today at 6 PM (and thankfully is napping at this point). So, I probably won't sleep tonight. HELP. Well, I'm gonna snag some sleep and hope he stays asleep for at least a few more hours. Oh, nevermind he's awake. Say a little prayer for the Matthews family. And feel free to bring us dinner, cause I'm not cooking.


Luisa said...

Kali, I'm sorry everyone in your little family is sick. What a bummer. Hope everyone will get well soon...just hang in there...we'll keep you in our prayers.

The Rawlins Fam said...

Hope you feel better soon! Remember its just a "temporary" condition. It'll be nice when you are feeling well and much more rested.

P.S. That was a great picture to add the post. I'm just glad you can't blame getting the flu from us! ;-) But it would have been fun to see you last Saturday.