Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not Your Typical Mormon Family

My family is unique to say the least. We may look like your typical Mormon family with eight kids, but there's more than enough chaos within the walls of that pretty little house. So, I was a nervous to bring my 3 month old and stay for a few weeks. He's used to a simple, maybe boring Mommy and Daddy. My family members are anything but boring. Let me go down the line and break it down for you.

First there's Mom; when I was kid, she ran five miles in the morning, was the Primary president, then the Relief Society president, then the Officers Wives Club President (very pristigious), involved in the PTA, sewed most of clothes, kept a spotless house, and had a fine dinner on the table. Mom stands out in a crowd. Today, she's the same old funny, fun, woman. She'll talk to anyone about anything. She keeps things lively, to say the least; doesn't mind expressing her oppinions, and she's very oppinionated. She's loud, blunt, and a bit obnoxious, but I know she wouldn't have it any other way.

Dad; the exact opposite of Mom. I could leave it at that, but I'll elaborate. He's a Captain in the Air Force, and his job is as a bioenvironmental engineer. He's an analytical thinker. One of those highly intelligent people--a little "over my head". Master of things like the rubics cube, which I have absolutely no desire to master. He's amazing at math. I can add and subtract. He's very religious. He's very disciplined. Quiet. Thoughtful. He was super strict when I was a kid, but I think he's eased up a little bit in the last few years. Maybe just tired, I don't know. After eight kids, mostly teenage girls, I probably would be, too.

Samantha and Marisa have moved out so, sorry girls, you're left out of this one.

Lauren is your typical 17 year old girl. Boy crazy. She works at Sonic and is in high school. She hates homework and loooves to socialize. This one's the sweetest girl but has attitude when you never expect it. Like I said, typical 17 year old. ((hormones)).

Grant, 16, is quiet and creative. If I could steal some of his talents they would be his ability to write a captivating story, his acting skills, directing skills, sewing skills, technilogical thinking skills...basically, I wanna be Grant.

Clark, 13, has been a performer since he backflipped out of the womb. He is an incredible skateboarder. He was on the front page of the newspaper doing some trick I can't remember the name of. He's blonde, blue-eyed, tan. The girls looove him. He's never kissed a girl (or so he tells me), but he is the sweetest and gives hugs out like candy at a parade.

Karly, 9...I have such a huge place in my heart for this one. I see so much of myself in her. She's a little shy, has a HUGE smile, loves fashion (woo hoo), and is so diligent about her school work, which is not a trait many in my family share. She is the best big sister, and if I could bring her to live with me right now I would.

Allie, 6, is hilarious. Being the youngest, she is obsessed with attention (which could be scary as she gets older) but who needs a TV when you have Allie? She'll sing, dance, and tell jokes, until the sun goes down.

Some of the most fun things we did while I was there were jumping on the trampoline with a hose, making over Lauren's room while she was at Girls Camp, shopping a lot, and making a Montel Williams featuring Sylvia Browne video.

I had a lot of fun visiting my family, but I was happy to go back home and be together again with my new little family. I missed my Anthony, my bed, and my quiet little apartment.


Luisa said...

Kali, you have a fun and amazing family! You're so lucky! Your sisters are adorable! And I could totally see where you get your good looks from...your Mom is gorgeous!

I love the video where Allie was totally hogging the camera...haha! And, Sylvia Browne? Wow, Kali...I didn't know you had IT in you...and the booty shot...hilarious! LOL!

The Rawlins Fam said...

WOW its amazing how much your younger siblings have grown since your wedding! Glad you had a blast!

Landon is such a cutie!