Monday, November 22, 2010


Okay, so I may a little addicted to blogging. I'm really just trying to "journal" my life. We are supposed to be journaling, right? Writing with a pen and paper is just too old fashioned for me. I'm an up with the times kinda girl.

Last week, Landon dumped out a whole bottle of baby soap and a whole bottle of Tresemme. I was irritated, but whatever. So, we went out Saturday and bought two new bottles.

What do you think he did with the new bottle of baby soap today?

That's right, he dumped it out. But wait-- there's more. He got ahold of the dish soap and dumped that out too. He also knocked over a lamp which resulted in our last lightbulb breaking. So, we went out to get
  • dish soap
  • another bottle of baby soap
  • and lightbulbs
We got home, I changed the lightbulb in the lamp, and I put all the soaps up high and out of reach. Well, guess what...

Harper just knocked over the same lamp! Ugh.
And you thought girls were expensive.


ricci said...

haha :D your blog is very cool ♥

Tiffany said...

lol. I am a stay at home mom as well and blogging your life just seems to help. I see nothing wrong with being a blogaholic. I find that when Sydney goes to nap i get on and blog. :-)
Keep it up!

Susan said...

That was cute. Ok maybe you got annoyed but just think, when they get old enough and bring their dates home, you get to embarrass them by telling this cute story to them! Payback for dumped bottles of baby wash and broken lamps!

Busy mama said...

I could have told you that boys were expensive. Just wait until they start breaking big things because they are jumping off the couch onto "enter favorite things here." According to Bryan there is no point in buying nice things until your kids are bigger. Hang in there. I feel your annoyance:)