Sunday, November 21, 2010

My baby's sick. :(

This happy guy is not so happy right now. Poor guy had a fever of 103.4 last night. He kept me awake from the wee hours of the night until the sun came up. Thank goodness it's not my week to teach YWs, because there was no way I was going to church. Plus, it totally drives me crazy when people bring their sick kids to church, to get everyone else's kids sick. I got Landon ready, and sent him off with Daddy.

Harper and I went back to bed and I dreamt I was in the hospital having surgery for the second time, when I looked out my ocean-view window, and a horse with humungous cat eyes galloped out of the ocean. It was creepy. I really don't know why I shared that.

Anyway, my husband is really wonderful because he did two loads of laundry tonight and made dinner. It was de-lish. Beef fajita goodness topped with roasted red and green bell peppers, shredded cheese, sweet tomato salsa, and cool sour cream. Ohh, gosh, you can tell I worked at Chili's. Ha. But seriously, it was good. I'm so thankful my hubby cooks. He's baking cookie brownies right now. Excuse me while I go grab a bowl of ice cream, to top it off, and eat my worries away.

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