Friday, November 19, 2010

Bunco and (Not Bunco with wish)

{can't you just see how much he loves me smooching on him?}

Last night, I hired a babysitter and was off to Bunco with the girls. Remember, it's basketball season so Anthony is gone 13-17 hours a day, minimum. I was not going to pass up an opportunity to get a little break. We don't play Bunco for money, by the way, so quit judging me. No gambling here.

I had so much fun, but it was nice to get back to the boys. They don't have separation anxiety, but I think I do. My arms just don't know what to do without a baby in them! So here comes the best part of the night...

The babysitter said Landon was a "big help." He was good. The whole time! I'm so happy. Last time we went out, he threw a toy that happened to hit his brother in the head. The week before that, he got kicked out of nursery for swinging from the curtains and bashing his face on a nearby table. I was thrilled to have a good report. So, I gave him three balloons and we played with them the rest of the night. Literrally, we didn't go to bed until midnight yesterday. I'm such a bad fun mom.

Here's this video that my kids are sick of, but I can't stop watching. If Anthony died and I had to marry a celebrity, it would definitely be Not only can he sing, but he is so dang cute, and sensitive! On Oprah, there were these families who were losing their homes to foreclosure because of the economy, so he bought their homes for them (and he cried)! I love when guys cry. Seriously, it's so hot sweet. He does it for lots of people, including his mom and grandma. He's amazing. Okay, watch the vid.

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Kira said...

That's a really cute song/video.

I wish I was able to get out without Jackson more often. But I did sign up to be a Mom, so I take what I get.