Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Harper the Great

When Landon was six weeks old, I went to my postpartum checkup and was scheduled to get an IUD inserted. It's a form of birth control that lasts up to five years. I sat on the procedure table with a sheet over my lap, and waited for the doctor to come in and get it over with.

Then I had a feeling. An unmistakable feeling...not to get the IUD. I started to argue with myself. I'm already on the procedure table. It's too late. I have to get it. Anthony and I talked about this. We are waiting five years.

Don't get it.

But I'm here, on the table, with a sheet over my lap. I have to!

The doctor came in. I had never met him before. He was African American with white hair, a white beard, and smile to match. He kind of reminded me of "God" in Bruce Almighty.

He asked if I had any questions before he began the procedure. I tried to buy myself some time (and courage), so I asked a few lame questions I already knew the answers to. What's the risk of ectopic pregnancy with this? How effective is it? Will I gain weight? etc.

He told me that he had tied women's tubes before, and they still became pregnant. He said if you're supposed to get pregnant, you will. Then he said, "Too many people listen to their heads, instead of their hearts. Do you want to get this today?"

I sat stunned and said, "Well, we're poor right now. We have to finish school before we have another kid. Logically it makes sense to wait..."

With firm authority he interrupted, "What is your heart telling you?"

"No." I sighed with a huge amount of relief.

"I'll write you a three month prescription for the pill. Take it, or don't."

Is that crazy or what? Not long after, I had another strong impression that I needed to try for numero dos. I'm so glad we did. And, I'm so thankful for a random doctor who was in tune and told me just what I needed to hear.

From the beginning of my pregnancy, I could tell Harper had a very gentle, but mighty spirit. I felt intelligence. And, when he was born, I felt like he was already smarter than me! He seemed like this wise little thing, and I still feel that about him. The funny thing is, my friend said the same thing when she held him. And my dad on a separate occasion.

He's such a good boy, and I can tell already he's destined for greatness.

In the mean time, he's Landon's best bud, and he's my snuggle bug, mellow and sweet. Unless you're trying to put clothes on him, that is. Either way, we couldn't imagine life without him.


Greg and Talena said...

What a great story! You have such amazing boys Thanks for sharing!

kalisarah88 said...

Thanks Talena! Your kids are amazing too! I want to read your blog. When did you set it to private?

Galatsatos Family said...

I love this! Your words brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful woman you are to listen to the gentle spirit urging you to let yet another beautiful child enter your life. You are so good, Kali! I <3 you!!!