Tuesday, April 12, 2011

three years

I can't believe our Bubba is actually three.
When they tell you the time goes by fast,
they really mean it!
Ohh, my goshhhh, wasn't he soooo cute? 
Dangit, now I'm getting baby hungry.

In honor of his turning three, here are some of my favorite pics of Landon from this past year.

It has been amazing to be a parent for these last three years, 
and watch him grow from a tiny, helpless newborn,
 to a chubby, babbling baby,
 and now an articulate, energetic, little boy.
Landon has changed our lives so much, for the better.
And we couldn't imagine being without him.


Sara McDonald / Dowdy said...

I know being a mom is amazing!!! Your doing a great job keep it up. The boys are stunning!!! Your pictures are also award winning!!!

Samantha Nicole said...

Omgosh he is too cute! I love all of the pictures. You are going to have to watch all those girlies when he gets older because he is a chick magnet.

Jesse, Trista and Jaiden Wright said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy! You're going to have to put bars on the boys' windows to keep the ladies out!! litttle studs!