Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My heart is so filled with gratitude for these three guys in my life.
They bring me such joy and happiness.
But all day today, I have thought about a family who no longer has their son to hold and to hug.
Six year old Jacob Wells has had heart problems all his life, and sadly,
 he lost his battle to survive last night.
I do not know this little boy. 
He is a friend of a friend's child, 
but as soon as I heard about his struggle, I started praying for him.
I thought about my boys, about how his family must be feeling, I cried, and I prayed some more.

Tears fall as I write this.
I'm touched by others who have prayed on his behalf.

I don't always understand why Heavenly Father chooses to take the lives of those so young,
but I do think Jacob Wells must have been so special, that the angels needed him on their side.

My heart is aching for his family.
Please, include the Wells and Dinubilo family in your prayers,
especially his parents and twin sister.

And hold your loved ones a little tighter.
Let them know how much you care.
Make that apology.
Send that thank you card.
Try harder to be better to the people in your life, to be more patient and understanding.
We never know when the time will come for those we love to be called Home.


LCLS said...

This is beautiful, Kali. Thank you. There is such a thin thread between us and eternity - and it is much too easy to take our time and relationships here for granted. I want to hold everyone and everything closer to me right now.

Thank you for caring so deeply for Jacob's family. They are wonderful people and they will appreciate every prayer and every thought on their behalf.

Anonymous said...

As his Zia (aunt in Italian), I am proud of how many people he has touched. I know that many do not feel the pain that we do, but it is touching to see how many people who did not even know him were affected by his life/story. I know I can speak for my family when I say that our life will never be the same and that we will forever mourn our little Jakey boy. My sister's heart is broken and knowing how much he has made a difference will probably help her to see what an amazing son she had and how blessed she was to be his Mommy.
Lisa Dinubilo-Ooten

Opa~gala! said...

I am so grateful for this post, Kali. Thank you for writing it. You know who I am missing... It seems like sometimes there are a series of unfortunate deaths of loved ones, or family members of close friends. In any case, it truly is a reminder of how precious life is. I love my children so much and cannot imagine my life without them. Thank you again, my lil soul sister :) Love you much!