Saturday, April 16, 2011

spring time- meet our new baby geese!

[mean papa goose]
The best part about living on Quail Lakes is watching new life appear in the Spring. 
Just two days ago, these sweet little geese hatched. 
The funniest part, is two momma geese and two daddy geese follow these babes wherever they go.
It's so sweet to watch.
Okay, maybe it wasn't so sweet when papa goose lunged after me and my camera.
I wasn't ready for that to happen again.
Remember what happened last time?

So, I may have shrieked and run away. 
Hoping nobody saw that...

Anyway, I'm gonna make sure these new baby geese love me and the boys.
We'll be back out there with some bread and crackers real soon.

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Samantha Nicole said...

Those pictures look great. Did they attack you in the process?