Monday, April 11, 2011

birthday weekend

Friday, Anthony took us to String's for dinner. I ordered a shrimp and chicken pasta with curry sauce. It was so spicy, but that still didn't stop Harper and Landon from eating half of it. Darn.

I took the boys to the van while Ant paid and accidentally locked them both in there. Oops. Thank goodness Landon was in the mood to follow direction. He unbuckled himself out of the carseat, climbed up front, and unlocked it for us. I promise, I'm a great mom! I'm not sure the crowd of people who came out of the restaurant to "help" thought so.

"It's okay, I really don't think we need to call the fire department."
Saturday, I went shopping in Roseville (hello, H&M) with Andrea and Heidi, while Anthony and the boys had some man time. They went to the mall, too. Daddy just couldn't resist getting them some matching Nike outfits.

Sunday, I filled the whole livingroom with balloons to surprise Landon when he woke up. He sang, "I looove balloons, I loooove balloons!" It was so funny.

Anthony made me a yummy breakfast of sausage, bagels, hashbrowns, and orange juice. Then we went to church, put the kids down for their naps, woke them up, and opened presents at home. Next, we went to Aunt Cindy's to open presents and feed the ducks. Then off to Grandma Ruth's. She and Dean made us a delicious chicken dinner complete with his famous apple walnut salad. It was such a great birthday!
We feel so spoiled and so loved! 
And, I still cannot believe my baby big boy is three.


Jana said...

What a fun weekend! You need to come to SF for the real H&M experience. Also, I LOVE your blonde hair. I'll be honest... I'm a bit jealous. I looooove blonde hair.

Sarah said...

Landon is officially the cutest little man! Please please please save him for Ava! haha Well Harper is just as cute so she can go for the younger guys to if Landon gets stolen. I love your hair too. I think you probably could make any hair color look good. Glad you guys had an awesome birthday and you guys are doing so well!