Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today, I felt like this:
I was out to lunch at El Torrito and my kids were freaking out like mangy lunatics throwing their food and climbing on tables.
I picked up Harper after he refused to stop running around and dumping out the contents of his cup.
He wiggled and screamed, trying mightily to get away from me,
while Landon ripped open Splenda packets and poured them out onto the bench seat.

I could not get out of that restaurant soon enough, so I got ready to pay and realized they pretty much triple charged me, and I'm missing $50 from my wallet.

The first part is okay, because I have my card, but where is that $50?
I remembered leaving my purse on the stroller at the park yesterday,
and I wasn't watching it closely. 
I felt like a complete idiot.
I searched my purse again. 

Finally, I got the kids home, put them down for naps, burst into tears,
and searched like crazy for the money.
Again, nothing.
Fifty dollars may not seem like a big deal to some people,
but my husband's still a student and I'm no longer working. 
Plus, I just got a gym membership which I promised to pay for with my own money each month, 
and that money is g-o-n-e.
I started to think about what kind of 
rotten thief would steal money from a mother of two terrible adorable children?

That's when I started to feel like this:
like throwing myself on the ground and giving up.

After the most dramatic 30 minutes of my life . . . 
I remembered the money was in my camera bag.

And then, I really felt like an idiot.
But a grateful idiot.

So, am I the only one who has lost something, then became completely convinced that it was stolen, only to find it a few minutes later? (this same situation may have happened to me before today... okay, like five times)


Connie Romero said...

Kali, I love reading your blog! You do a great job with it. AND My young friend, you are right in there with the rest of us mommies or we're right in it with you. We all feel at one time or another, or another just like you did with your lunch day! HANG IN THERE! MOTHERHOOD IS GREAT AND THESE CRAZY TIMES PASS QUICKLY.....I PROMISE! Your family is beautiful!!

Sara said...

Lol it happens to the best of us... The fact that things like that happen proves ur a great mom. Your taking the chances not always being as careful as some. But it's better for them to act out now well it can still be laughed at. If it happens when they r 10 ur in over ur head. Chin up this to will pass and be funny :•)

Jana said...

at least you blame it on a stranger at the park... i usually blame joe, only to then discover i misplaced it myself. and then "i'm sorry" is a bazillion harder to say... i'm glad you found your money - $50 is big.

Anonymous said...

AhhhHaHaha.....glad you feel better my lovely daughter. Can you imagine the BLOGS I could have written?

Manda said...

I do this ALL the time with my phone! Probably a couple of times a day and only once has it actually been lost/stolen-- leave it to me to freak out over nothing! Haha so you're definitely not alone.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Ugh. That's so sad. $50 is a lot for me too so I totally understand how you must be feeling. When stuff like that happens I try to tell myself that someone who is less fortunate than me must have really needed it.