Sunday, April 3, 2011


I am so glad Landon is at the age where he has figured out how to blow bubbles without spilling them. Even better, he can blow bubbles for Harper and they are both entertained.
 But of course, Harper wants bubbles of his own to blow, and he is a frequent spiller.

During this bubble blowing session, he spilled out all of his bubbles.
He cried and cried, "Bubbuhl. Bubbuhl. bubbuuuuuuuuhl!"

Landon came to the rescue and poured half of his bubbles into Harper's bubble bottle.

I love seeing Landon give little acts of kindness to his brother and others, especially without being asked.
It makes me a proud momma.
I sure love these boys.

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16MsBritney said...

you have such adorable kids ! :)