Monday, April 18, 2011

bye bye blondie

I am pleased to announce, the brown hair is back!

What did I learn after being a blonde?

They don't have more fun. Why, you ask? They spend more time and money going through the whole bleaching/dying process, leaving less time and money for actual exciting activities.

Nobody takes you seriously. Seriously (see, you believe me now because I'm a brunette).

Dean said, "You're too kind for that blonde hair."
 I thought that was a sweet way of telling me I look like a little meanie.

But for real, I think people do perceive bottled blondes as snobby. Who knew?

My mom said I look cheap.
Heidi said I look white trash.
My husband thought I looked h-o-t-t hott. That should have been all that mattered, so I kept it for him until my roots grew in, which thankfully took less than 2 weeks.
Honestly, with brown hair, I just feel much more me. It was fun being a blondie for two weeks, but next time I'm craving some blonde in my life, I'll go with a few highlights.


Jana said...

i like it brown. i'm a highlights girl. someday. when i'm rich. and can afford to have my hair done every month I will go blonder. until then - i'll just stick with my ehhh hair.

Kat G. said...

You are beautiful. Period.
Seeing that photo of your sons rough housing brought back to many wonderful memories of my boys when they were little. It is wonderful that you spend so much time with them and you cherish every moment because it goes so fast. I am so glad to know that families can be eternal because life is just too short.

Melinda Morco said...

I thought it looked HOT! Didn't think it was trashy because you're not. But that's true, on other people who I might not know already, I might've thought what Heidi and your Mom said!

I died my hair light brown before, which i LOVED and want to do again, but I got the same response as you did. Darn it!

Anonymous said...

My Kali is back<3!